[Merchandise] Holiday 2013: High Hopes #Survival Long Sleeves Releasing Black Friday (11/29)


This Holiday/Winter ’13 the High Hopes Clothing company will be releasing some of their most recent apparel to the public. Like every other release from this brand, we strive to take it further then before. The details and production are vital to maintaining a creditable street wear brand such as High Hopes Clothing.


“The strong will rule and the weak will be Eaten”

With this particular series we wanted to showcase various subjects and situations which require the act of survival. We feel as if in this world nothing is given but all is earned. With that in mind, we can compare our struggle to endure the “in and outs” of the cutthroat fashion business to ย Darwin’s Theory of “Survival of the Fittest”. Much like the Animal King, those that best adapt to the culture and their surrounding will survive in nature; or maybe for instance the military where troops are sent out to earn their stripes through battle. Whatever the case may be, the last standing WINS. We will do what ever it takes to reign supreme, NO FAIR FIGHTS.

White + Black “Survival” Long Sleeve Tee + Accessories


Survival Package: Release 12/14/13

Apparel Release Date – 11/29 (Black Friday) 12:00 AM CST



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Author:HighHopes Clothing

The HighHopes Clothing Company promotes a series of successful markets. Custom Handpainted Artwork along with Premium ScreenPrinted Apparel is available in both Canadian and US markets. Media, Music, Youth, and Community Service are all aspects of our company. Our Mission is To Lift Spirits Through Art & Fashion. Yes We Will.

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