[Street Marketing] Meet Us On The Block


Acres Homes, Texas 9:15 AM CST. Victory Rd

We Appreciate all of our loyal customers that met up with us over the Hope Dealer Apparel release weekend. Selling apparel online is one thing, but getting out there and reaching the people face to face is something unparalleled. We as a Streetwear brand believe in maintaining our connection to the streets and giving back in a positive manner. It was once quoted by Napoleon Bonaparte that ” A Leader is a Dealer in Hope”. We as young entrepreneurs live our lives to conduct business by influencing those around us to believe in our Brand. Some find it hard to believe in what they can not see…Well you cant miss us. We Out Here!

Hope Dealer Tag Inside

Ray Hope Dealers Josh Johnson Hope Dealer Dj Sho Hope Dealer Tim HopeDealer



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Author:HighHopes Clothing

The HighHopes Clothing Company promotes a series of successful markets. Custom Handpainted Artwork along with Premium ScreenPrinted Apparel is available in both Canadian and US markets. Media, Music, Youth, and Community Service are all aspects of our company. Our Mission is To Lift Spirits Through Art & Fashion. Yes We Will.

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