Custom Orders (Painted)

Hand Painted: Moon X Stars Crew neck

High Hopes Clothing is well respected in the streets of Houston and has gained support from the urban music industry, fashion district, and media outlets. The customized handpainted High Hopes shirts and custom collection pieces are in high demand for photo shoots and music video’s through out the US and Canadian countries. High Hopes Clothing now has a hard working crew who works together with a large team of illustrators and graphic designers to develop our hardworking  fashion forward clothing.

Hand Painted: Oilers Design

Hand Painted: So High Design

Hand Painted: High Hopes Logo Tee

In our Custom Orders Section we give our customers the opportunity to customize their own hand painted designs. The glory of customization is that it allows you to stand out and represent your individuality through you apparel. How many other clothing lines today give you that opportunity?

Hand Painted: Wake & Bake Tee

High Hopes Clothing has a crew of talented artist who are professionals when it comes to expressing your thoughts, quotes, or visions through their hand painted artistic abilities. Feel free to place your order with us by carefully filling out our Custom Order Form located below.

Hand Painted: Space Age Pimpin’ Design

Note: Under the Design Details section, please note the specifics of your hand painted customized design. This is very important that this part gets filled out. (For Example: Colors Used, Quote, Image)


One Comment on “Custom Orders (Painted)”

  1. January 17, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

    How long does a it take for a custom to be made?

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